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Blink…and there you have it…. January 8, 2010

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Amazing how quickly time passes.   I had really wanted to post about the boys and record how much they have changed; but laziness overcame me on far too many occasions.

Now Anderson is 3 1/2 and turning into a little man.  He’s so full of personality!  In June 2009, he started Grace’s Little PreSchool with Bailey.  He’s currently there 3 days a week and it’s amazing how well he has adapted to that environment.  In December they had a little christmas show;  he was quite the little show man with his exaggerated arm movements and facial expressions.  The hours of practice at home was the most entertainment we had this winter.  He’s learning to write his letters and can sometimes spell his name.   At home, I’ve taught him some basic math and he’s great at counting his little digits.   Anderson is a bit of a tv junkie like his mommy.  His favorites right now are Phineas and Ferb, SuperWhy, Jungle Junction and Wow wow Wubbzy.  He recites his favorite lines and draws parallels to everyday life.  Lately, I’ve noticed he has an amazing memory.  I’m not sure if all kids have this, but there are these moments where he will mention the most obscure thing based on his memory.  Pixar rules in our house.  He loves Cars, Toy Story and Wall-E.

I’ve said it before; I love this kid.  He’s amazing to me.  He’s such a great brother; from the beginning, he’s embraced Aidan and never displayed anything other than love to him.  That’s not to say there are moments of indifference.  Anderson is easy going kid and it’s easy to rationalize with him.  Although, I have noticed that since starting school (or maybe since Aidan), he’s has this pout-y phase; where when things are not to his likely, he will furrow his face and look down.  And when his feelings are hurt, you can sometimes see him fighting back tears.  But on the whole, he’s is happy little boy and I continue to marvel in his personality.

And then there’s Aidan.   Arguably , the real reason why I have not blogged all of last year.  It’s been an adjustment having two.   In my mind, I feel it’s been harder with Aidan.   But I feel like we are finally hitting our stride.  He’s been sleeping through the night since he was about 7/8 months.   Starting to wean and he’s been adjusting without much resistance.  Around Oct, he started to stand and take a step.  In Nov, he took a couple more steps.  December was the wobbly walk, still preferring to crawl and now, he’s totally independent.  Aidan is starting to giggle and interact more.  He loves itsy bitsy spider.  He’s exploring with self feeding


Super Grover September 12, 2008

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At bedtime, you love to run around with your cape.  And let’s not forget your super grover hat.  I am amazed at your creativity and silliness

mommy: anderson, what is baby brother’s name
anderson: baby grover

mommy: anderson, what is baby brother’s name
anderson: gordon (after gordon the train)


I lub you, mommy

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Love when you say this…it makes my heart soar



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Creating Keepsakes recently held the Creative Photography Retreat in San Jose.  I was especially excited because Jessica Sprague was going to be teaching a session at the weekend event.  She was kind enough to reach out to me and invite me to be one of her TA’s for Saturday’s class.  Photoediting in Adobe RAW. 

She was phabulous and I left the event feeling totally inspired to understand my camera on a new level. 


Happy Camper

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Over the last week, Anderson has really grown fond of his tent.  We bought this tent months ago from Ikea and it’s been sitting in the empty living room for months.  In fact, the only time he really goes in there is if Bailey and Mikayla and suddenly it becomes a dumping ground for all of his toys.

On Sunday, as I was trying to wind him down for bed, I had rolled up a throw blanket and tucked his snowman pants in with the blanket.  He then runs off with the blanket to the tent and proceeds to camp in the tent.  Of course, daddy was the the tickling bear and Anderson has to command the bear to “go away, bear”  Eventually, we took the whole tent upstairs to his bedroom and he quickly furnished the interior with ALL of his pillows and blankets.  As if he didn’t look like Aaron already, it was quickly apparent that Anderson has inherited Aaron’s compulsive idiosyncrasies.  Anderson was insistent that all of the blankets be rolled up

So over the course of the week, he continues to enjoy the camping experience. Tonight, was almost a break through moment.  He feel asleep in the tent by himself. Here he is in his snowman pj’s (yet another obsession) and his newfound snowman hat


Beware the Baby Pirate July 13, 2008

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So bedtime these days are a mixed bag these days.  Anderson is going to bed later and later and it is hard to get him to wind down.   I was putting him to bed the other night and he insists on building a snowman with the blankets on the bed.  How apt, Christmas in July.  He got the idea of snowmen when we were at Cindy/Kelly’s earlier in the week and he and Bailey stacked some exercise balls on top of one another and one of the adults called it a snowman.  Its become more and more apparent that his retention of ideas and concepts is really taking place in his little head.  So he builds a snowman and then places a rubbermaid box on top as the hat.  I was exhausted but I ran and got my camera and snuck some shots in.  Then strangely enough we had the winter issue of Martha Stewart Kids in the room; so we proceeded to find other signs of “snowmen” lurking in the pages. 

So yes, I was really tired by now and just wanted him to sleep.  So I’ve shut my eyes and could have fallen asleep, had he not been stirring around and still chattering.  He had found a “quarter” and put it over his eye and started saying “Baby Pirate, Baby Pirate” “argghh”  I was in hysterics. 

Is bedtime always this amusing and I’ve been missing out?


FaceBook Frenzy April 28, 2008

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A recent addiction of sorts, has been FaceBook.  FaceBook is a social networking site where people set up an account and then connect or re-connect with others in the network.  It was a bit of a frenzy when I first joined, because you almost become obsessed with finding as many people as you can from your past.  Mostly out of curiousity to see what path life as put them on, but then, at some elementary level, its becomes like a popularity contest.  As if the more people I add, that would validate that “wow, I know know a lot of people”.  By week two, I think the fascination has waned and I’m not on it every waking minute.  It helps that the computer at home is slower than molasses.